I have exciting news coming very soon, can’t wait to share! xo



As summer is behind us I’m looking forward to so many things this fall! Writing, writing and more writing! I LOVE writing and I’m so grateful to have this expression in my life! It’s a great joy to support others as well, this tool has saved my life over and over! To express my emotions, find clarity and have a positive place to allow my heart to express all that lives inside is a priceless gift. xoIMG_2965

Just returned from an amazing weekend in Joshua Tree where my friend Tannis Kobrinsky and I had a writing, Pilates and vegan cooking workshop!


It was such a treat to work with some wonderful young woman as they discovered new talents and we had so much fun in the process! xo




I spent the better part of this past weekend looking through old footage remembering my friend and collaborator Annette Murphy Ozolins.

Annette from Ruby Lee Pictures on Vimeo.

Annette and I met in the 90′s and became fast friends with a shared love of storytelling in theatre and film. It was her birthday yesterday and since she passed away Jan 15th 2017 there has not been a day I haven’t thought of her. I’m so grateful for to have known Annette, her friendship, inspiration and support lives deep in my heart! xo





As we brace ourselves for the year to come it has been said, we need now more than ever to find our creative expression and connection with LOVE for ALL…xo


Here’s a trailer for our latest project, HOOKER #2

Hooker_trailer from Ruby Lee Pictures on Vimeo.


Last month I sat down with Anna David to discuss my feature film PERFECTION. Her wonderful podcast, The After Party focuses on recovery, the journey and all things related. I have been sober for over 23 years and have never spoken about my sobriety in public mostly because in the traditions in Alcoholics Anonymous it says we do not break our anonymity and as I have such great respect and gratitude for all that sobriety has given me. I made a decision to speak honestly about my recovery with Anna because when I made PERFECTION it has always been my vision to expose the secret world of self-harm to find self love and being a sober alcoholic is HUGE part of my story.

2015-07-23 14.41.21

So much of this for me is about learning how to let go, take risks and trust that if there is anyone that might read or hear our conversation and it’s can be helpful for their journey than it’s worth it!




It was such a treat speaking with JULIE DELPY last week about her new film, LOLO!


We talked about what it’s like to be a female filmmaker in the US and she said if it wasn’t for the French production companies that finance her films she’s go crazy and/or kill herself if she had to depend on Hollywood. That bummed me out for a minute but being the optimist that I am, I trust that there is always a way to tell our stories and find our people. Julie is such an inspiration and she very sweetly said, “I hope you get to make another film soon!”




Growing up in the valley!  I just learned this afternoon that my teenagehood friend, John K. Berry passed away last night and I can’t help but think of so many memories…


There was this feeling of wanting to escape that I’m sure most teenagers feel and the best escape beside drugs and alcohol was music. John really had a style all is own, he would tie a red bandana around his head, drove a maroon SAAB, wore tight black jeans, beige snakeskin boots and smoked imported cigarettes. Not sure how it started but he’d pick me up in the mornings and drove me to our “alternative” high school that consisted of other misfit kids that somehow couldn’t deal with public high school so Belmont College Prep was where we all ended up. John had this way about him that wasn’t punk like I was used to, he was somehow cooler. Of course I had a secret crush on him, we’d listened to Poptones by PIL as he drove with a cigarette in one hand and would pound on the steering wheel with the other on the down beat. He’d laugh at my stories, his laugh felt so comforting and warm and there was this feeling of freedom being around him, almost wild abandon like maybe we’d just keep driving past the church where our school was held and never arrive. Clearly that is what I hoped, we did make it to school but not for long because basically we got to make our own hours, if we were finished with our work we could split and we had some interesting field trips like to LACMA and then The Pleasure chest in West Hollywood on the way back. Not sure who’s idea that was but our whole class went along with professor Wade and his partner Mike. I remember walking through the store giggling at the display of dildos and watching John crack up at the entire event. We were the same age but John seemed older, more mature as if he knew something we didn’t and maybe that’s why I felt so safe around him. 

I haven’t seen John in many, many years and I’m very sad to hear of his passing. My heart goes out to his family and friends. 

As I get older and keep losing people I believe the time we have with someone is just a moment.  I hope that somehow John knows that the moments we spent together made a wonderful mark on me and I am forever grateful to have been influenced by his wisdom, style and humor. RIP John Berry xo




As this year, 2015 is coming to an end there have been so many interesting experiences, losses, triumphs and my heart is full of love and joy for all of it! Here are some of my favorite images…
2015-07-24 11.07.29
2015-07-12 00.41.15-2
 My sweet friend LOUISE POST and Me
My inspiration  PENELOPE SPHEERIS and Me!
Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 4.02.46 PM
My movie mom  ROBYN PETERSON
2015-03-21 23.35.01
 My dear friend BUCK SHANTY  aka Mr. Moloney and me! 
2015-06-07 17.23.35
2015-05-24 14.18.10

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